One of my drinking triggers is boredom. Being bored, bored, bored. I find that I am the most bored when I spend long periods of time by myself. This is the major reason I could never work from home. By every three in the afternoon I’d be breaking out the gin and tonic. In fact, the last time I was unemployed for a significant period of time, I looked for work in the morning and was drunk by five.

To be truthful, when I am drinking, almost everything else that doesn’t involve drinking is boring. Or I think that anything that can be better after a couple of drinks. I’ll be more active and happy and have that pleasant warm glow. Of course, after a couple more, I’ll be an asshole and piss off most people around me. But by then, I’ll be drunk and won’t care. At least not until the next day during the hangover.

Today is a snow day. Work is closed because of the ice storm. This should be a danger zone for me. But I have power and lots to do. Writing this post, for one, and planning future posts has kept me busy for a while and I have broken the day up with chores, catching up on television, and baking.  I guess this is what the self-help books call mindfulness. To be aware of triggers and danger zones and keep them in mind. Knowing that I had made a commitment to write on this blog about my path to sobriety has kept me thinking about it all day. I like that effect. It reminds me several times a day to think exactly what am I going to write about in describing my path to sobriety.


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