One thing I notice when I stop drinking (yes, I’ve walked this road several times before) is how tired I am. I go to bed before 10 and get up after 6, adding almost 2 hours to my “normal” sleep time. Maybe this is the amount I am supposed to sleep. When I am on my binge drinking cycle I go to bed later and get up earlier everyday. Of course, I am exhausted immediately after a binge since I stay up so late drinking, then sleep so terribly afterwards. But I sleep less in general between binges.

Drinking has always been a pick-me-up for me. No matter how tired I am, after a couple of drinks, I am energized and ready to go out for the night. It worked much better than caffeine. The one time I drank Red Bull and vodka in Vegas on New Year’s Eve was one of the few times I’ve stayed up all night. It was so powerful, I’ve shied away from it since.

Now with the future possibility of another pick-me-up taken away, I feel the pull of exhaustion and it is harder to ignore.